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    Maximum angle of deflection

    Homework Statement Hey, I was studying this problem and solution (by Rudy Arthur): What I wasn't sure was why this solution only works for m<M. At which point did we restrict ourselves to m<M. How about when...
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    Parity of the anti neutral kaon

    Hi, very simple question: What is the parity of the anti neutral kaon?
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    Continuum mechanics problem: Stresses

    Homework Statement Mechanics of Deformable Media (Bhatia and Singh), 5.2: Consider a long rod of elastically isotropic material of L standing vertically in a vacuum in equilibrium under the gravitational field of the earth, then: (i) What are the boundary conditions for \sigma_{ij} on the...
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    Uncertainty Principle Question

    Let's say a proton is confined to some diameter, d. What would be the uncertainty in the position? In some questions they use delx as (1/2)d as the uncertainty in position. In other cases they use the entire d as the uncertainty. This is extremely confusing...
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    Bragg X-Ray Scattering

    1. Question A cubic crystal of interatomic spacing of 0.24 nm is used to select gamma–rays of energy 100 keV from a radioactive source containing a continuum of energies. If the incident beam is normal to the crystal, at what angle with respect to the incident beam do the 100 keV...
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    Photo-electric Effect

    Homework Statement It's question 2. Homework Equations Work = U/t E = hf f = c/lambda I=Q/t The Attempt at a Solution f = c/lambda = (3.00x10^8 m/s)/(530x10^-9 m) = 5.66x10^14 Hz E = hf =...
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    Force Between the Strands of DNA Molecule.

    Homework Statement The question can be found on this link. It is the last question, the one with the DNA molecules. Prof said that the direction is not important, he is just looking for a magnitude.