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    Minimum speed at the circular track

    Homework Statement What is the minimum speed of the car must have at the top of the loop? There are three methods. I would like to know which method or answer is correct. Please see attached file. Homework Equations Please see attached file. The Attempt at a Solution Please...
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    Conservation momentum for y- axis

    Homework Statement A ball P of mass m kg is dropped from a point A, which is 2 m vertically above a point B on a horizontal floor. After P hits the floor at B, it rebounds and hits another ball Q, of the same mass, which has also been dropped from A. The impact between the two balls is...
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    Equilibrium Problem

    Homework Statement Please see attachment. Homework Equations Summation F(x)=0 Summation F(y)=0 Summation tau=0 The Attempt at a Solution Please see attachment. I know how to calculate the problem but I don't know the last part of the solution why the examinar choose...
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    Circular Motion problem

    Homework Statement Please see attachment my problem. Homework Equations Law of conservation of energy Newton's Second law for circular motion The Attempt at a Solution Please see attachment. I didn't get the answer same as solution. Please help me. Homework Statement...