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    PhD thesis/dissertation writing support group (in London)?

    I was wondering if anyone knows a good PhD thesis writing support group, either online or in London? I couldn't find any and I wanted to set up a meet up group... but I'm not sure what we would actually do to support each other... and when I finish in a few months, what then? Also I'm afraid...
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    Sad times in aloneland

    I'm just like the scene in Clueless/Bridget Jones.... all by my self.... don't wanna be... all by my self... anymore! everything sucks in one's late twenties! late teens vs late twenties is like a bathfull of pie vs a hole in the ground... that leads to a pit of slime filled with floating...
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    Programs Should I go against my PhD supervisor and do what I want?

    I am just starting my phd. I am self funded so I chose my supervisor. He's working on a related area to what I want but not quite the same. I am trying to decide my phd direction right now. I want to work on something very new, very fundamental, probably unrealistic for a phd. But I want to try...
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    Have a crush on the postdoc in lab

    there is a guy in lab and he's the most amazing guy ever... I've never met anyone like him. he is the most calm person ever... I can't believe it. and I have never seen ANYONE look so good in a lab coat... omg he could totally be a model, and if he modelled labcoats... omg... that would...
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    Boltzmann and Fourier for biologist

    Hello, Please could someone explain to me about Boltzmann distribution and Fourier transformation? or point me in the direction of some really really easy-to-understand guide? I need to understand it for biology - to understand NMR and mass spectrometry. Thanks.
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    Sex discrimination for women in academia

    I study biology, and I have observed that in undergraduate and postgraduate classes the majority of students are female. However, in senior positions from post-doc to professors, there is a strong bias towards males. What could be causing these patterns? How can a woman increase her chances...
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    My potential supervisor is SO hot

    My potential supervisor is SO hot!!! long time no see... I just have to let this out somewhere. and Here is the only place I can do this! forgive me! So... OMG!!!!!!!! SOOOO HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGOD!!!!!! lollollol ok, so I'm on the course, and we have to choose supervisors for...
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    Why do you not sit next to people on their own?

    So I was at my new uni, its fresher's week and I didnt know anyone. so I thought, why not sit on my own in a relatively conspicuous place and wait for other lonely people to sit next to me and talk to me! So I did. and I ate two satsumas while I waited.... and waited. Lots of people walked past...
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    Advice for choosing flat/housemates? and living out in general.

    Hi all, I need some advice on how to choose people to live with (or what to avoid). I'm gonna move to London, but I've never lived out before, and I'm scared! In paticular: is it a good idea to share a flat with two 19 year old boys? I'm worried about safety... and cleanliness. Any...
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    Why are acidic amino acid side chains acidic?

    I have been trying to work this out over 2 days now and I just don't understand! The side chains of Aspartic acid and Glutamic acid both have the reactive group COO-. I don't understand how the COO- is an acidic group! To me, I can see how it could be a basic group - the H+ binds to the COO-...
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    What do you think about viruses?

    Its a bit open-ended but I think there are a lot of clever people here and I'd like to know their thoughts on this topic. viruses as in the parasitic/biology kind. like, what areas of virus research do you think will be important? what new advances have there been recently thats exciting? where...
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    I want a hot guy!

    Guys are really great huh? Yes, world would be boring without guys. so... yeah. :) I wanna meet some decent guys! nice ones :) or bad ones but who are actually nice. uh... probably will regret this thread later. so, any other girls want to meet guys? uh... join me on my quest!
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    Medical Always hungry

    its not normal to feel hungry all the time is it? I'm always hungry! and I eat normal portion sizes. Today, within an hour of having breakfast I was hungry, and I just had lunch an hour ago and I'm hungry again... I don't do physical labour or anything. Its just started recently - didn't have...
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    Anyone bored?

    I know its xmas eve and all but I'm pretty bored (bah humbug!) anyway I am just gonna while away my time listening to songs on youtube... and writing random stuff here on pf...
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    So difficult

    is it a good enough reason to break up a relationship because you don't find the other person good-looking 100% of the time and find them annoying sometimes? sometimes the relationship is 100% perfect (20-30% of the time). but... sometimes: you find the other person annoying (10% of the time)...
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    Lactose intolerance

    Is anyone else lactose intolerant? What symptoms do you have? Is it possible to develop lactose intolerance as an adult? Basically, I never used to have any problems with milk products... until recently! About a year ago I went through a phase of cutting out all milk products out of my diet...
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    What to do at a careers expo

    Is anyone else going to the Naturejobs career Expo? Its on the 23rd Sept (next Thursday) in London. Its free. I'm thinking of going, but I don't really know what to do in these events... what should I aim to achieve? I dont really have a job or phd subject in mind...
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    Do ghosts exist?

    What I really wanna know is are ghosts real? Do ghosts exist? I got really freaked out after my friend said his friend can see them (like dead people, especially in graveyards), and once his friend was standing next to a stranger and they could both see the same thing (a ghost obviously).... so...
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    I want to give advice! where are all your relationship problems?

    I want to give advice! where are all your relationship problems?!! man! people here are all too balanced! there's not been any new relationship problems or questions or requests for advice/opinions in ages! bored!
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    Science or Finance?

    Hi, basically I'm trying to find a job but indecided as to where I want to go. I've been applying to Finance stuff in the City cos the pay is good... and I think its pretty glamourous to work there... but I've not been having much success, probably cos my background is science and I have no...
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    Where can physicists be found?

    hm... maybe I have too much time on my hands... maybe I am just taking a leap in to the unknown... maybe... maybe not... anyway, to get to the point, I want to ask the good people of PF: where can physicists (nuclear physicists and astrophysicists in particular) be found in the wild? where do...
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    Homogenisation of human races?

    Do you think that eventually all human races will be homogenised? With all the globalisation and people of different races having children together, do you think that eventually there will be no more 'race' - like there will only be one type of human- we would all look indistinguishable from...
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    How to post blog entries?

    seriously... I'm either incredibly stupid or blind - how can I access my blog? I cant find it anywhere!
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    Whats your fantasy

    !! haha this thread is a bit difficult under the rules - lets try to keep it pg-13!
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    How to have more self control?

    I have really bad self control... basically I want to do things - things I know I should do, but I just cant make myself do them! this is causing a problem in my life! What can I do? How do you make yourself do things that you dont want to do but you know you should do? Any advice is welcome!
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    How to protect yourself from radiation?

    I was wondering... how do nuclear physicists protect themselves when they are doing experiments with radioactive material?? do they wear some suit of some kind? or do they work behind some kind of barrier? or do they not need any protection at all? I cant find this anywhere on google... someone...