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    The moviegoers' club

    Hi Mathal, I don't know, either. :smile: But I would like to point out that "the largest necessary" is equivalent to "the smallest enough". Maybe someone doesn't understand this.
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    The moviegoers' club

    Saying it is obvius is not a proof. Prove it. :smile:
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    The moviegoers' club

    If 23 have voted, then 1 has voted. So 1 is the smallest number. And this is not "advanced math" - it should be found in an introductory logic text.
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    The moviegoers' club

    That's right, the way puzzles are worded matters a lot! And it seems you have correctly understood my puzzle. However, the answer to your version (which has nothing to do with the original idea) is "ONE" . If, for instance, 23 members had voted for a movie, then there would be one member who...
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    The moviegoers' club

    Hi Mathal, there is at least a movie that received more than 12 votes, necessarily. So, 12 is not the answer.
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    Need a real life example that satisfies the property?

    John = {head,body,arms,legs} class_01 = {Mary, Lucy, John} John is a student, and class_01 is a set of students. Is the head of John a student? Is the head of John a student of class_01? The head of John is not an element of the class_01.
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    The moviegoers' club

    Each one of the 23 members of a moviegoers' club has selected his two favorite movies from a 50 movies list. It is noted that any two members have at least one favorite movie in common. What is the largest number of members that have necessarily selected a same movie? Prove that.
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    Difficult riddle about impatient people

    An easy way to understand the answer...
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    Difficult riddle about impatient people

    Supposing nobody will arrive before 3pm or after 4pm... :smile:
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    Create a number

    What about a big number-factorial_of_a_number ? :smile:
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    Create a number

    Count again... :smile:
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    Analysis of Image superimposing using numerical analysis

    Hi Saugata Bose! A digital image (acquired with a digital camera or a scanner, for example) is just a file which describes all the pixels (picture elements) of the image. The "format" of such files is the way the pixels are described. Commonly there is a "file header" based on: the size of...
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    Analysis of Image superimposing using numerical analysis

    You could compare the average luminances (and their standard deviations) of the two images, for example. Or the chrominances, if you prefer... :smile:
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    Chuck Norris math jokes

    Once, while visiting Fermat, Chuck Norris showed him a wonderful math proof on Numbers Theory, occupying about half page. He took back the paper when left.
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    Create a number

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    All screen pictures variations

    Such program would be a bunch of nested loops. Very easy to do, and absolutely useless... :smile:
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    A combinatorics problem on connecting the cities

    5*15=75 which is not an even number. So it is impossible.
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    How can I make my form fields required?

    Goggle for: html form send email Some results:
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    300x300 square

    I've found a little different value:
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    The Hardest Logic/puzzle Question Of All Time!

    Well, it seems it's gonna be a little bit more...:smile: Read the question at the fourth post, and the respective answer, at the fifth. (once the problem is said to be a hard one, that question is almost unnecessary) ------------------------- Post #4: Post #5:
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    Gnuplot - 3d points

    Take a look at and "Maxima" site at Maybe you wanna use "maxima" as a front end to gnuplot.
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    Cygwin + g95

    It seems you have to go to the G95 download page, and choose "Self-extracting Cygwin x86". After the download, just execute the archive to get the G95 installed in your Cygwin. The link: PS: Call the binary "g95-Cygwin.exe" FROM a cygwin prompt.
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    Albert Einstein's Riddle

    The table in my answer shows the houses, from the 1st to the 5th one. Also, it's said the houses start from the right end. So, if we start with the house #1 on the mostright position, it seems clear the house #5 will be on the mostleft position. So, the Green (5th) will be on the left of...
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    Albert Einstein's Riddle

    Well, if the house starts from the right, it seems the Green house (5th) is on the left of the White (4th) house... Is there any doubt? :smile: PS: and they are not the same answer.
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    Albert Einstein's Riddle

    Well, I've just found only one answer: -----------|1st|-------------|2nd|------|3rd|---------|4th|---------------|5th|--------- Nation--| Norwegian--||Danish-||--British---||----Swedish----||--German--|| Color ---|Yellow---------||Blue-----||--Red-------||------White-----||--Green-----||...
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    Prisoner standing next to 2 doors and 2 guards

    So, if the liar is at the door to freedom, you will happily choose the door to execution...
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    DMZ and NAS - risky?

    In a FTP server, everything is transmitted in clear text over the network. So, the username and the password can be easily sniffed. I suggest you set up a SSH server on the computer (in order to use SCP); and forget the FTP server on the NAS.
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    Calculators Substitution for HP 32Sii

    The HP35s is the natural substitute : RPN, scientific, programable, about same size, two lines of display, priced at US$60 .
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    Calculators What's your favorite calculator?

    The HP35s is the way! :smile:
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    Freedom or aligators use switches for code.

    Ok, 7 sees the state at 01. Why couldn't he conclude 9 prisoners has already been in the room? When 5 sees the state 00, he could conclude nothing since the sequence 5,7,9,7,5 (only 3 prisoners, instead the 4 prisoners from the original sequence 5,7,9,4,5) gives the same result. Using your plan...