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    Problem with integration

    I am really new to the calculus field. I have a small problem in integration when it comes to finding the area under a curve when the curve passes beyond the negative side. Can anyone provide me some links where I can get some good knowledge about integration ? Thanks :smile:
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    Engineering acrreditation websites

    hey guys, Are there any web sites that can give me engineering accreditation info about US and Canadian universities? For example like the ABET ( Thanks a lot :smile:
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    How do I measure the irradiance of a particular wavelength?

    I am still a high school student and I want to do an experiment on a solar panel. I want filter out red light and then focus is it onto a solar panel and measure various intensities and how it relates to the variation of power output from the solar panel. For this I suppose I should measure the...
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    Are aero engineering and Aerospace engineering the same?

    I am a little confused with these two, are aero engineering and Aerospace engineering the same? Thank you
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    Kepler's third law

    I don't know but in school I learnt it in a different way. I mean in school the Kepler's third law was thought as if all the orbits were circular. But according to the definition its all elleptical, and in the school equation we won't add the planets mass, but here...
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    Trinomial Expansion

    I find it difficult to expand a trinomial using the formula method (factorial method) where you can find the coefficient of any term without expanding the whole trinomial. I can understand the binomial, but I can't do the trinomial using the general sigma notation method. Can someone please...
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    Testing Has anyone taken the SAT physics subject test?

    Has anyone taken the physics test? I have never seen any model questions, but I just need to know whether the IB physics course will be enough to take the SAT physics. Thanks alot:smile:
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    Dative bond confusion (or coordinate bond)

    I am a little confused with this. I know what a dative bond is, but the problem is when it comes to complex ions I do not understand. ok now for example NH_3 + H^+ = NH_4^+ So in this the lone pair of NH3 will fill the s- subshell of H and make it stable, but say in Cu^2^+ when this attracts...
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    How to mentaly get answers at once when given in powers?

    Is there any method that you can calculate by mentaly and get answers mentaly when a number is given with a power. I mean for example say, 3^4 will be equal to 81. This is just a simple one. I mean now if a number is given like 6^12 then is there a method that you can get the answer by mental...
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    Where to learn coordinate gepmetry?

    I am currently learning about coordinate geometry. But I need to brush it up a little also. I want to know geometry about the straight line. Can anyone give me a website for this. i searched in the google but can't get any results that I need. Thanks alot.
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    I can't understand this in partial fractions

    I realy find in difficult to solve the second part of these type of questions, Here are two questions of them Question number 1 Resolve into partial fractions 1+x/(1+2x)^2(1-x) For what range of values of "x" can this function be expanded as a series in ascending powers of "x"...
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    I need sums in LOG

    Hi, I just need a little help in getting some sums. Can anyone of you give me a site where I can find sums in Log so that I can do them and practice a lot. I mean like sums in this type Show that log(xy)base16 = 1/2log(X)base4 + 1/2log(Y)base4 Thanks just need some sums of this type...
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    Quadratic equation applying to graphs

    Hi, I just need to learn in drawing graphs using a quadratic equation. Also I need to know how to find the minimum and maximum point and the line of cemetry from the equation (I need to know by proving it in the equation) Has anyone got any website to clearly learn about this? I know...
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    I need to know abou lasers

    Hi, I need to know about lasers. Has anyone got any websites or links describing lasers?
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    Need to learn about quadratic equations

    hi, I need to learn very well about quadratic equations. Can anyone give me a site to learn about these equations? Thanks:smile:
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    Need some help about a Steradian

    Hi, hmm I am just a liitle confused in this Steradian. Now I know that this works only with 3D. Now a radian is = arc of the size of a radius/radius So that 2*22/7*r/r = 360' 2*22/7rad = 360' 22/7rad = 180' Now that's how a radian is counted in 2D Is there any connection like this...
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    Log law -Change base

    Hi, I am just a little confused with this log law of change base. Is there any one who can give me a clear description with an example?:smile: Thanks
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    I am new to this forum

    Hi, I am realy interested in learning physics and maths. Hope I can request for any help. I am still in high school. Well I am from a non-english country. So need to catch up with the word because I am going to do in English medium. Any way hope I can get help and help all the others also...