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    Movie Magic; Special Effects

    I have an assignment on movie magic in which I have to pick a scene from a movie and analyse the physics (including calculations of physics in movie, description and calculations of correct physics etc.) Problem is, I haven't picked a movie yet :frown: I was going to pick 2 different scenes...
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    I have a few question concerning Black Boxes

    Next term for Physics, my teacher has said that he has ordered some black boxes and will be putting a diode, capacitor, resistor and a transistor in each. There is 3 people in my class and he will be making each black box different (he'll put each component between a different terminal)...
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    Specific Heat Capacity and Specific Latent Heat

    Hi Everyone :smile: I have to create an experiment for my assignment in Physics. I've chosen to do something about Specific Heat Capacity. A boy in my class is also doing SHC so I wanted to make mine a little different from his. I've just recently joined physics (never done it before)...