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    Collection of Science Jokes P2

    Well, Oxygen Potassium, then....
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    Tricky word problem?

    Ohh... so I must've messed up at the first step then. I think I see what I did wrong now: to show that ##y## was greater than ##2x## by ##8##, I should have added the 8 on the other side of the equation. Dumb mistake on my part. Thanks!
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    Tricky word problem?

    I'm studying for the ACT and this was one of the practice test problems. The book does offer an explanation for how to get the answer but it isn't very detailed and I still don't know what I'm doing wrong. Homework Statement The larger of two numbers exceeds twice the smaller number by ##8##...
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    I How can I derive pi?

    Question; wouldn't it be possible to derive the number pi just by knowing that it should be equal to a circle's circumference divided by its diameter? If you could use a ruler or something to get a reasonably accurate measurement of the circumference of an existing circle with a known diameter...
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    Programs used for creating scientific diagrams/illustrations

    Oh! I've heard of tikz before, sounds like exactly what I need. (I was suspecting that the sample image I posted was made with LaTeX because of the font the labels are in.) Thanks!
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    Programs used for creating scientific diagrams/illustrations

    I've messed with both Illustrator and Inkscape for making vector graphics before, but I didn't know they'd be ideal for this type of thing. I'll look into it again (seriously this time :rolleyes:). Thank you both! :smile:
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    Physicists/Mathematicians: Night Owls or Morning Larks?

    If it weren't for school I'd probably have a pretty messed up schedule (wake up late, sleep late) with all my work being done at night. Though, because I hope to be an astronomer some day, perhaps that isn't such a bad thing :DD
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    Programs used for creating scientific diagrams/illustrations

    Would anyone happen to know what programs out there could be used to make this type of diagram/illustration? (image was found on this thread, btw) I've been wondering for a while as to how people make stuff like this, like the graphs they have in my math and science textbooks. I think knowing...
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    Programs Should I major in Physics or Geology when I am terrible at math?

    //watching this thread since I'm currently in a similar situation