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  1. TJGilb

    Physics Are Baccalaureate Honors worth pursuing in my situation?

    Hello everybody. I'm graduating with my bachelors in physics in a few weeks. My conundrum is that while I meet the GPA requirements for Magna Cum Laude, I am a few credits shy of the 90 matriculated requirement. If I were to extend my graduation date to the summer, I could take one additional...
  2. TJGilb

    Graduate Programs Advice (Particularly for Plasma Physics)

    Greetings everybody, Right now I'm applying to graduate physics programs, but since it's an expensive process I'm trying to be at least a little selective in my approach. Since my research interests are in plasma physics, I've limited myself to schools with a program in such. So far I've...
  3. TJGilb

    Plasma Book recommendation for Introductory Plasma Physics?

    Hello everybody. I'm interested in starting my learning about plasma physics (depending on how I like it I may choose something within it as my field), but unfortunately my university doesn't offer any undergrad courses in it. My current level includes all maths up to differential equations...
  4. TJGilb

    Programs Deciding on a PhD, considering Nuclear Physics

    Greetings to everybody. I'm currently in my 3rd year of pursuing a physics undergrad, and I'm considering where I might want to focus, what field I might want to enter. As the title suggests I'm seriously considering something with regards to nuclear physics. My primary interests lie in space...