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    Hamiltons Principle on Moving Cart with Fixed Beam

    Homework Statement -Use Hamiltons Principle Homework Equations \int _{t _{1}}^{t _{2}}({\rm }\delta T -\delta U -\delta V _{E }) dt} The Attempt at a Solution Here are my energy equations. So we have kinetic energy from the base and the beam. T_{{{\it beam}+{\it base}}}=1/2\,\int...
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    UCLA or UMN for graduate energy study/research

    I should also add that the ones that got the fellowship did research with the same professor during their undergrad. If you want to still do research as a grad student, you still can. It may or may not count for anything, but I've seen rules bent several times. They may pay you or they may not...
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    UCLA or UMN for graduate energy study/research

    I know a few that are doing the thesis option for the M.S.; however, they did their undergrad at UCLA. Therefore it was somewhat easy for them to get fellowships since they already knew the professor for some time. From what I've heard, most of the professors don't want to work with M.S...
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    UCLA or UMN for graduate energy study/research

    I'm a grad student in the ME program a UCLA. I think we have a pretty good program in terms of Fluids, Heat Transfer, and Thermodynamics. The only problem is the budget cuts are really hurting us. Therefore class sizes are getting much bigger for the grad classes, and some grad classes (not the...
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    Near and Far Field Attenuation Inverse Laws

    Maybe I was thinking too much and thought there was more to the proof than just doing 20log(1/d^3) and 20 log (1/d). Thanks.
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    Near and Far Field Attenuation Inverse Laws

    Homework Statement near-field distance attenuation follows an inverse cube law (1/d^3), while in the far-field it follows inverse law (1/d). Prove mathematically how we arrive at 60dB/decade from the inverse distance cube relation and 20dB/decade from the inverse distance relation...
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    System of ODE Boundary Value Problem with 2nd Order Backward Difference

    {\frac {{\it du}}{{\it dx}}}=998\,u+1998\,v {\frac {{\it dv}}{{\it dx}}}=-999\,u-1999\,v u \left( 0 \right) =1 v \left( 0 \right) =0 0<x<10 Second Order Backward Difference formula {\frac {f_{{k-2}}-4\,f_{{k-1}}+3f_{{k}}}{h}} I'm trying solve this numerically in matlab, but can't seem to...
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    Choosing your TA's

    Just wondering how the educators out there or departments choose their teaching asisstants. In my department, if faculty is teaching the course, then they tend to use their own students from their lab. If it's an outside professor, then the faculty professor in charge will probably ask HR to...
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    Nonlinear System of Equations Newton-Raphson and SOR Sucessive Over Relaxatiom

    Homework Statement 3X1 - COS(X2*X3) – 0.5 = 0 X1^2 - 81*(X2 + 0.1)^2 + SIN(X3) + 1.06 = 0 EXP(-X1*X2) + 20*X3 + (10pi – 3)/3 = 0 Homework Equations Newton Raphsom and Gauss Sceidal with relaxation term The Attempt at a Solution I've already solved the above system using Newton...
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    Anyone else take the fundamentals of engineering (FE) exam yesterday?

    Yea I took it at the exam site in Pomona yesterday. I thought there was alot of mechanics ( strength of materials) type of questions on both the morning and afternoon general test. I saw some fluids, and thermodynamics questions. I only saw 1 heat transfer problem and it was ridiculously easy...
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    Question About Grade Recording for the Instructors Out There

    I totally forgot that handwriting can be a hint at a learning disability. A few years ago there was this student who would always doodle or write illegibly on his exams or assignments. Luckily for him the problem was caught early and he was always given about an extra hour for exams.
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    Question About Grade Recording for the Instructors Out There

    I usually do the alphabetical order method. I found that alphabetizing every paper took a lot of time, because I would run into snags like unreadable last name, none stapled papers, and students who would interchange the order of their names (last, first or first, last). Since I have the whole...
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    Question About Grade Recording for the Instructors Out There

    Thanks to budget cuts the class sizes have increased a lot, which makes the class roster on my excel sheet pretty long. After a couple of hours of looking through students different styles of hand writing, my eyes get a little fuzzy and it makes searching for students names on the spreadsheet...
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    Career and subject of Mechatronics

    You should look up Control engineering if you want more info on Mechatronics. The professor I had for Mechatronics helped found Innovative Integration Inc. You can google the company and it should give you an idea of what mechatronics can lead to.
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    Unknown DC motor Specifications

    It's a DC motor. I'll post what was engraved on the motor on monday. I put the motor in my schools machine shop for storage, and they're not open on the weekend.... Also I'll check if they have a dynometer that I can check out.
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    I need help on Vibration book

    See if you can get mechanical vibrations by Tse. It's an old text, so you should be able to get it cheap.
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    Unknown DC motor Specifications

    Me and another person were rummaging through one of my colleges labs looking for usable parts for my groups product design course. We found this medium size motor that weighed about 2-3 pounds. The problem is that there were no stickers at all that indicated its specifications. There were a few...
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    Anyone using the GSL 1300X Furnace by MTI Corp?

    My lab just bought the GSL1300-40X Desktop Alumina Tube Furnace from MTI recently. This thing has been a total headache to install and operate. The lab manager was totally confused about the wiring. The instructions were obviously written by someone who did not speak English well. Then there was...
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    Resume Feedback, Mechanical Engineering student

    Thanks for the feedback. Yea I know a resume is one page, I intentionally made it longer so that I could cut out irrelevant stuff from there later to get to 1 page. Yes, the format was not really appealing to me either. I uploaded my old resume format I've been using for the last few months if...
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    Resume Feedback, Mechanical Engineering student

    Can someone read over my resume. Thank You Here is the file. I uploaded it this site, because I don't know when an Admin will ok the file. I replaced a lot of the names with generic stuff since this is a public form. Couple of things that I was unsure...
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    Another laptop question

    I doubt you will need a "special" laptop just for mechanical engineering. Chances are that any software that you use will be in the universities own computer lab. Depending on the university,they may not give you the program (CAD, matlab etc) to use at home. I would just go with something cheap...
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    Resume Question about Research Experience and Publications

    Thanks for the suggestions. The fair was 2 days ago, and the research experience on my resume brought some pretty nice discussions with the recruiters. I basically put it under experience: <Name of Lab> Volunteer Laboratory Assistant •Located required materials to conduct experiments...
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    Resume Question about Research Experience and Publications

    At this moment I am typing up my resume for an engineering career fair coming up this week. I lost my resume doc from last year, so I have to type it up from scratch and memory. The old one was pretty standard like objective, education, experience etc. I did some volunteer undergrad research...
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    I can't believe it's a yogurt store

    I should really try it. I still got a buy one get one free coupon they passed out a couple of days ago.
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    Determine the maximum allowable weight of a load supported by chains.

    Draw a free body diagram and you will see how the 3rd chain comes in. Point A is a good place to isolate for a FBD.
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    Morh's Cicle with two shear forces

    What do you mean by torques? Take a square element and draw all the shear and normal forces on it. Pay attention to which sign convention that you are using in your course. Start out by calculating the normal and shear stresses for each side (sigma x, sigma y, and tau xy). You are given...
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    MATLAB Matlab: Saving and Running M-files

    Thanks for the link. I tried taking out the #, but it didn't work. I played around with isvarname to test the file names. Guess it doesn't like periods or even hyphens. I did find a way around this by going to the folder the file is saved in and adding a ".m" to the end of the filename, but...
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    MATLAB Matlab: Saving and Running M-files

    I've noticed a weird thing that Matlab does whenever I save my m-file then try to run it. If I save my M-file with a simple file name like "HW4" or "untitlited" it will run. However if i save my m-file as file name HW#4_3.40 (I just wanted to label the file with the problem # from the text I'm...
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    Considering mechanical engineering

    By cutting alot of material.... or speeding through it a better word. When I took statics and strength of material we spent a huge amount of time on the statics part, but towards the end the professor was running out of time so he decided to give us an integrated chapter of the strength of...
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    Considering mechanical engineering

    Maybe you should do research with a prof in that area to see if you like. Also internships