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  1. Rocket50

    Project PF Proliferation - Free Gold Membership!

    I put around 10 at random locations at the University of Toronto (we have a big campus).
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    Hello! I'm an electrical engineer and a physicist

    Welcome to the forums!
  3. Rocket50

    A little help, please.

    I don't know who told you that "physics would get me nowhere, and that I'd [you] have to go after engineering if I really wanted to work". As far as I know, there are jobs available in physics, especially if you're looking to go into industry rather than academia. Although I think the job market...
  4. Rocket50

    Please allow non-members to hide online status

    In my opinion, hiding online status should still remain a privilege for gold members. However, it would be nice to get rid of the "Last seen" feature all together.
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    Should I go with physics or engineering?

    You aren't expected to choose which field of physics you'll work in right now. Since you enjoy physics, you probably should apply to universities with physics as your prospective major. Generally, you can take courses in physics/engineering and then decide which one you enjoy more. It usually...
  6. Rocket50

    Should I go with physics or engineering?

    There are numerous fields other than engineering where you can earn a lot of money, although that should certainly not be your main criteria for choosing a profession. I'd advise you to go with what you enjoy more.
  7. Rocket50

    Calculus for physicists at MIT

    I believe that most physics majors take 18.01 (while some more mathematically inclined people take 18.014). However, I believe a lot of people get advanced standing credit for that course.
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    Schools Is this an appropriate list of Grad schools for me?

    You can't really call an Ivy a safety...
  9. Rocket50

    Can Someone "Rank" Math Course Progression?

    I recommend you take a look at MIT OCW, but generally it is like: Single variable Calculus -> Multivariable Calculus -> Differential Equations (ODEs) -> Real Analysis -> Complex Analysis...
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    How to search for posts with at most 0 replies?

    You can click the "Thread Display Options" button at the bottom and select "Sort threads by: Number of Replies" and "Order threads in: Ascending order".
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    "Bump" message

    I didn't even know it was automated!
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    Live Update preview for all

    Great feature!
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    Programs Double Major Physics/Math vs. Physics Major/Minor in CS

    1. Not too much. You will have to learn programming and some computational software (like Mathematica) but you won't need any computer science specifics like complex algorithms, networks etc. 2. I don't think it is too difficult for math/physics to go into the software engineering field, so...
  14. Rocket50

    Programs Is it possible to pursue a career in nuclear physics without getting a degree?

    If you're in your final year of college, aren't you almost done with your BA already?
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    PF Chat is Back!

    Works for me now, thanks!
  16. Rocket50

    PF Chat is Back!

    I'm a Gold member and can't access chat.
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    Running out of Math Classes

    I think that the online programs offered are too expensive, so the best option probably would be self-studying (unless you can find a nearby university allowing you to enroll there). The next subject in mathematics that you should learn is probably abstract algebra (or some sort of discrete math...
  18. Rocket50

    Programs Is a Physics degree right for me?

    I think this could be a good idea if you enjoy physics somewhat. Going into physics would open up a lot more options for you (if you decide you aren't fit for engineering 2 years later) but try to take as many engineering courses as possible.
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    Deleting one's own posts

    It should be for regular members as well, but maybe for only 5-10 minutes after they've posted it.
  20. Rocket50

    Exams - time crunch

    They generally accept most different solutions, unless one is overly complicated.
  21. Rocket50

    Exams - time crunch

    I don't see the point of deriving everything on tests. It is good to know, but why prove that you know it on a time constrained test? Anyway, I guess you'll have to adapt to how thing work in the US. Don't worry if you do bad on a exam or two at first. Also try to get some information on the...
  22. Rocket50

    Schools Will colleges [specifically MIT] see my achievements?

    I do believe that MIT accepts supplemental information after the application is submitted. However, for something like the physics olympiad, it may be too late.
  23. Rocket50

    Programs Math, Physics & Computer Science Online Majors

    Actually, I can see that it has 2 Physics courses offered online and several mathematics ones (e.g. Also, Harvard isn't the only option. Something like is also an option.
  24. Rocket50

    Interested in Computer Science, not Engineering

    I'm not going into software development. Only reason I'm studying it is for personal enjoyment. As for a little networking, I know the basics of it - not 1% enough to get Network+ certification or anything though. Honestly, I find it boring and see little need of it. Thanks for your reply.
  25. Rocket50

    Interested in Computer Science, not Engineering

    Yes, it is a separate program here as well. As far as knowing a little bit about the other discipline, I'm definitely going to take a few courses on computer architecture and compiler design. I also have another question. Is it really necessary for a computer science major to know the basics...
  26. Rocket50

    Content for Algebra I/II and Precalculus and Trig.?

    Uh... Quite a people take Spivak as their first calculus course. But yes, I agree that these books cater mainly towards people training for mathematical competitions. However, I had little interest in those contests and still managed to use the books (much more fruitfully than the regular school...
  27. Rocket50

    Content for Algebra I/II and Precalculus and Trig.?

    In this case, it is only to check out a list of topics. The explanations are actually quite good, as they show why it works. As for covering extra topics, they do it because those topics are covered on major math contests.
  28. Rocket50

    Content for Algebra I/II and Precalculus and Trig.?

    It really depends on the course level. However, as stated above, try the AoPS book contents or Sullivan's book.
  29. Rocket50

    Interested in Computer Science, not Engineering

    I'm quite interested in computer science and that's why I'm taking several courses in it. However, my interest in computer engineering is very little, apart from computer architecture/compilers. How much will my lack of understanding of computer engineering harm me in learning computer science?