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    I need a post/image of mine removed

    Hi, I won't go into details, but i need a photo deleted from a topic i made, where i included my solution to an assignment question. Who can help me with this? I private messaged Greg Bernhardt but he hasn't replied to me.
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    Contour integration using residue theorem (quick question)

    Homework Statement The Attempt at a Solution So i have poles at: z=-1 of order 3, z=1 and z=2. For part i), no poles are located inside the contour, therefore the residue is 0. <--is that right to say, that since there are no poles inside the contour, the residue is zero?
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    Splitting 2nd order DE into two 1st order DE's

    Homework Statement 1.a) Taking the Schrodinger second order differential equation given, split it into two first order differential equations for numerical solving. We're given the relevant constants in a table, such as \hbar, \alpha, etc. 'z' is taken to be an indepedent variable which we...
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    Joint pdf/marginal/expectation related

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Well i know the double integral formula for the joint pdf The Attempt at a Solution So firstly we're told to find the joint pdf of X and Y. I'm not sure where to begin. So how do we find the function that we take the double integral over? I'm...
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    Mental calculators?

    Hi there, i told this to a friend but he only looked at me weirdly so the internet seems proper to post such a strange story. My post relates to people who have incredible abilities at mental calculations, autistic savants or anything of the kind. Last year around August i was sitting in...