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  1. petm1

    Is there gravity at small scales?

    Is there any net gravitational attraction within a Plancks length, at that small of a distance all the mass of the universe appears to be outside?
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    Dashes for safety.

    Following to close while driving is a deadly mistake. Two seconds, I think we all deserve them, plus it is the law. For those of you who don't know how to tell, at sixty five miles per hour it works out to be about one of the dash lines that separate the lanes per half second between vehicles...
  3. petm1

    Where is the present?

    As a observer everything that I sense is the past, from the impulses sent within my body to the photons I see, do you think that makes the information processor I call my consciousness the present? Where is the present?
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    What does a clock measure?

    All clocks measure the intrinsic motion of matter using a counter to assign a number to the present at the arbitrary rate of one per second. This allows us with a calendar, a circular table or chart, to relate to the past and plan for the future. This makes me wonder about matter, and how it...
  5. petm1

    Gravity, cause or effect of time dilation?

    With GR saying that gravity is just curved spacetime, wouldn't that make gravity the effect of the time dilation properties of matter?
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    What is the fabric of the universe?

    I just wanted to know what people think of the question "What is the fabric of the universe?" I only see two choices either time or space. I know that gravity is something that warps space, which means it must warp the fabric of space, or our second choice time, and I would think that any...
  7. petm1

    Time dilation and the mind.

    Can the way we perceive time be explained by time dilation? When you think of our consciousness as being the motion of the spark(s) moving around on the circuit board we call our brain, the only part of ourselves that is moving at near c. Add a little adrenaline which increases the...
  8. petm1

    Length of time

    Would I be correct in thinking of time as the measure in length of a single point. If we take into account one second of this measure of time, would a photon be the longest and the shortest a cesium atom? Would I be correct in thinking of space as the measure in length between two points...
  9. petm1

    Could the aether be time?

    How many dimensionless points have to expand and combine, before we would be able to detect them? When t=0, are we not naming time as a dimensionless point? If we can write time as "one" dimensionless point then would it stand to reason we can name time as all dimensionless points? In my...
  10. petm1

    Time and motion

    Can we split time from motion? I would think not, Space as we measure it is still expanding at a rate that is faster than light; if this is correct then we need to at least have some understanding as to why and I would think that time in the sense of it being a potential for movement, is...
  11. petm1

    Time and motion

    Could a String be thought of, say a duration of time? I would think that as a single dimensional object it just might fit.
  12. petm1

    Magnetic monopoles

    What would be the expected characteristic properties of the two magnetic monopoles?
  13. petm1

    Results of SR

    What does the factor that you get when you plug the length contraction and time dilation of a moving object back into the form of meters/second represent?
  14. petm1

    Time dilation and basic math

    Time is a tool we use to measure motion, it is a dimension not in the same sense as length, width, or height, but rather it is used to show movement within the three named dimensions. Einstein used two light clocks, photons traveling between mirrors, in his ideal thought experiment. One clock...