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  1. Rocket50

    Interested in Computer Science, not Engineering

    I'm quite interested in computer science and that's why I'm taking several courses in it. However, my interest in computer engineering is very little, apart from computer architecture/compilers. How much will my lack of understanding of computer engineering harm me in learning computer science?
  2. Rocket50

    Formatting error

    Might have been reported already.
  3. Rocket50

    Importance of Extracurriculars

    I've recently been wondering whether it is better to spend one's time doing research or prepare for competitions like ACM ICPC or the Putnam exam? I currently have the opportunity to participate in some research, but it is very time consuming. That, with my course-load makes it pretty difficult...
  4. Rocket50

    Hi I'm Rocket50

    I've seen a lot of people making introductions and since I'll probably be here for a while, I might as well do the same. I'm a second year student at the University of Toronto doing a specialist (honors) program in Mathematics and Physics. I'll probably need a lot of help from here, since...
  5. Rocket50

    US Physics System

    Hello. I study in Canada, and the system here seems to be a little different than the US. Here, in our first year physics courses (mostly at universities like U of T, Waterloo, McGill etc), we cover Classical Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism without any textbook. Then, in second year...