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    Why a stationary state decay?

    I've been searching the answer for the called spontaneous de-excitation or free decay. We solve Time Independent Scrödinger's Equation for particles cause we know that stationary states evolves with a well defined frequency determined by de Broglie-Einstein's relations, etc. And when we...
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    Latent heat and unstable system

    Latent heat is the variation of entalpy between two phases (or the heat that you must provide to the system to change the phase). But, if we are in a unstable system (such as water at 1 atm of pressure and 270 K of temperature), we need no heat to change the phase, simply we have to variate...
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    Zero degrees of freedom. Does it has any sense?

    I was discussing with my friends that problem: If we have a cone, upside down, rotating with angular speed constant, how much degrees of freedom, the system has? Ok, I think that if the movement is restricted to rotate around a static axis, and the speed of rotation is constant, you don't...