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  1. Mmm_Pasta

    Conceptual Question on General Relativity

    Homework Statement A thought experiment. Imagine ants living on a merry-goround, which is their two-dimensional world. From measurements on small circles they are thoroughly familiar with the number pi. When they measure the circumference of their world, and divide it by the diameter, they...
  2. Mmm_Pasta

    Take Physical Chemistry?

    I am majoring in physics with a minor in chemistry and I am wondering if taking two semesters of physical chemistry as an option for the minor would be redundant. From looking around I have seen that the first semester is watered down thermodynamics and the second semester is about quantum...
  3. Mmm_Pasta

    Finding Equation For Work

    Homework Statement A block of mass m sliding on a frictionless table is attached to a string that passes through a narrow hole through the center of the table. The block is sliding with speed v0 in a circle of radius r0. (Use any variable or symbol stated above as necessary.) (a) Find...
  4. Mmm_Pasta

    Gravitational Field Problem - Integrate?

    Homework Statement A nonuniform thin rod of length L lies on the x axis. One end of the rod is at the origin, and the other end is at x = L. The rod's mass per unit length λ varies as λ = Cx, where C is a constant. (Thus, an element of the rod has mass dm = λdx.) Determine the gravitational...
  5. Mmm_Pasta

    Find Maximum Speed

    Homework Statement The Royal Gorge bridge over the Arkansas River is 310 m above the river. A 64-kg bungee jumper has an elastic cord with an unstressed length of 63 m attached to her feet. Assume that, like an ideal spring, the cord is massless and provides a linear restoring force when...
  6. Mmm_Pasta

    Finding Speed Using Conservation of Energy

    Homework Statement A massless spring has unstretched length Lo = 0.45 m and spring constant k = 122.3 N/m. A block of mass m = 1.87 kg is attached to the spring, and a student stretches the spring to a length of L = 1.1 m. Then the student releases the block and it shoots upward. What is...