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    Nonlinear optics: second order polarization calculation

    This is a problem from Boyd Nonlinear Optics chptr 1 problem 2. Homework Statement Numerical estimate of nonlinear optical quantities. A laser beam of frequency ω carrying 1 W of power is focused to a spot size of 30μm diameter in a crystal having a refractive index of n =2 and a second order...
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    Quantum Mechanics e-2, Bransden & Joachain

    My intro QM class is currently using this text, but I find that there is not very many worked examples of problems, and there are no solutions for the chapter questions in the back. My class assignments are not based out of the book, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a solutions manual I...
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    Finding the coeffiecients of a sine series for -3*cos(8*pi*x/L)

    Homework Statement all i really need to do is solve the integral: \int-3*sin(\frac{n*pi*x}{L})*cos(\frac{8*pi*x}{L}) from x=0 to x=L Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I'm not very sure where to start with this. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Atwood's machine with a cylinder

    Homework Statement a massless string of negligible thickness is wrapped around a uniform cylinder of mass m and raidus r. the string passes up over a massless pulley and is tied to a block of mass m at its other end. the system is released from rest. what are the accelerations of the block...
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    Fourier transforms

    Homework Statement 3. Consider the narrow triangular voltage pulse V(t) shown in the figure. i can't paste the function but its a piecewise function of the form: V(t)={1+(1/a)t from -a <=t<=0 {1-(1/a)t from 0<t<=a { 0 otherwise (a) Find and sketch the spectral content...
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    Impact Parameter

    I'm in a second year physics course, and were studying Rutherford scattering. I'm not having any trouble with the physical or mathematical concepts, I'd just like a more precise definition of the phrase "impact parameter". I searched google, and my notes and textbook but couldn't really find...
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    Physics Careers involving physics?

    i am a first year science student at the University of Alberta, with my major undeclared. what i'm wondering is what kind of careers are there that involve a physics degree of some type. i'm really interested in physics, and am quite good at physics and math (A in physics A- in calc) i really...
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    Buoyancy of sphere in water

    Homework Statement A hollow plastic sphere is held below the surface of a fresh water lake by a cord anchored to the bottom of the lake. The sphere has a volume of 0.65 m^3 and the tension in the cord is 842 N. What is the mass of the sphere, in kg? Enter your answer using 3 decimal places...
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    Determine the length of the third segment

    Homework Statement A thin uniform metal rod is bent into three perpendicular segments, two of which have length L = 4.67 m. Determine the length of the third segment such that the unit will hang with two segments horizontal when it is supported by a hook as shown in the figure. Homework...