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  1. SoulOfSword_

    Cepheid Variable database help please

    Hi Guys! I've been working on my EE in IB Physics and I'm looking at how redshift of Cepheid Variables changes based on distance. I've been looking for astrophysics databases that include cepheid variables for a while now, but I can't find any. Is there any you guys can suggest or know of? Any...
  2. SoulOfSword_

    Astrophysics databases — Where can I find them?

    Hi guys, so I was trying to start my extended essay for IB physics in astrophysics and I came up with an idea of looking at how redshift changes based on different cosmological distances. However I can’t find any databases from NASA, esa, etc. is there anything you guys can suggest? Any help is...
  3. SoulOfSword_

    Astrophysics/Astronomy Extended Essay Help Please -- Trying to figure out a research topic

    Homework Statement: Ideas for astrophysics EE Homework Equations: Extended essay Hi Guys! I'm trying to figure out a research topic in astrophysics/astronomy for my IB extended essay. I don't really know what to do, do any of you any ideas, maybe even off the top of your heads? It needs to...