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    Programs Changing majors from Physics to Mathematics or CS?

    Hello, I'm in need of some advice.. I'm currently majoring in physics, but I've been thinking about changing my major. I'm in physics 1, and struggling because I have a bad professor who can't seem to teach the class.. I originally wanted to go to grad school to continue my studies as an...
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    Worried that I might fail Physics 1

    Hello, I am in such disbelief right now, so disappointed in myself. I've failed two of my physics midterms and we only have one midterm left before the final. I've studied for both and I thought I knew what I was doing, but apparently not. The class average for both tests have been a 75%, C+...
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    Physics 1 harder than Calculus 1?

    Hello, I've been around the forums before, but I finally decided to create an account to post things. :) I'm currently a sophomore in college majoring in physics. At my school physics 1 and calculus 1 are a co-requisite not a prerequisite, meaning I can take physics 1 and calculus 1...