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    Uniform accleration

    [b]1. An object moving with uniform acceleration has a velocity of 17.0 cm/s in the positive x direction when its x coordinate is 3.00 cm. If its x coordinate 2.60 s later is -5.00 cm, what is its acceleration? [b]2. x = x_0 + v_0 t + (1/2) a t^2 [b]3. X = 5 Xo = 3 V = 17...
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    Finding initial speed and accleration

    [b]1. A truck covers 50.0 m in 9.00 s while smoothly slowing down to final speed 2.40 m/s. Find the trucks original speed. Find its accleration. [b]2. Homework Equations im using x = v0*t + 1/2 *a*t2 and v2 = v02 + 2*a*x I believe this is what the question gives me. Xo =...