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    Chemistry in the Real World - Super Quick Question on chemistry/pools

    I have to write a little report on an industry that uses a chemical reaction(s) and basically answer these questions (skip down to the bottom if you just want to see my quick question): ~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Identify chemical reactions upon which the industry relies. 2.Write the chemical equation...
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    Stoichiometry and Gas Laws - Please help

    Here is the example I was given: ------------------------------ Example: How many liters of hydrogen gas can be produced at 290 K and 2.5 atm if 40.0 g of sodium react with excess water according to the following equations: 2 Na(s) + 2 H2O(l) --> 2 NaOH(l) + H2(g)...
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    Chemistry Multiply by the number of moles of that substance

    How do I figure out how many moles to mutiply by? It says "multiply by the number of moles of that substance" How do I figure that out? Here's where I am: H2O(l)= - 285.830 kJ/mol x ___ mol NH3(g)= -46.11 kj/mol x ___ mol --- And what does the L or G mean for the...
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    Enthalpy of Reactions - can someone help me real quick?

    I hate stoichiometry. Here's the problem: How do I figure out how many mols to multiply for each product and reactant? I've already been given the other part of the equation. Thanks
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    Limiting Reactant Problems Stoichiometry

    Please help me I am so lost!! Here's the lesson. My writing is in Blue. Where should I start? I am that confused; I feel like :cry: Thanks for your help!!