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    Implicit Formula

    Homework Statement I have to find an implicit rule for this pattern, Can Someone please help me? 3, 9, 81, 65, 61, 37,... and so on Homework Equations Im stuck not sure how to approach and therefore get a rule The Attempt at a Solution I tried using the arithmetic and geometric formulas...
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    Torque and Equilibrium Lab

    Homework Statement Purpose: Determine the mass of a meter stick without directly measuring it. Possible Materials: Select the appropriate materials you will use. __ Meter Stick __ Thermometer __ Stop watch __ Washers __ Knife edge __ Plastic ruler __ Known Masses...
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    Trignometry Rules/properties/common equations?

    Homework Statement What are the other Trignometry Rules/properties/common equations? The Attempt at a Solution cos2 theta + sin2 theta = 1 1 + tan2 theta = sec2 theta 1 + cot2 theta = csc2 theta 2sin theta = 2cos theta sin theta