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    Microchip Breakthrough

    "Microchip Breakthrough" Here's the article:
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    Hours Allotted for Study

    Hi, like many who have recently posted in this forum, I will be entering my first semester of college this fall. I will be majoring in electrical engineering. Here is a list of the classes I'll be taking this coming semester: Honors American Public Policy (3 hours + 1.5 hour discussion)...
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    Modern Digital System Design

    I will be taking Modern Digital System Design during the Fall 2006 semester at Texas Tech University. As I am an incoming freshman, I have nobody to consult about this class. If someone could please tell me what this class is about, what I should be expecting, and/or what I can do to prepare for...
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    Potential Difference Help

    Here is the question: A parallel-plate capacitor is made of two circular plates, each with a diameter of .0025m. The plates of this capcitor are separated by a space of .00014m. What is the potential difference between a point midway between the plates and a point that is .00011m from one of...
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    A Linear Diet Model

    I am working on solving a linear diet problem. I am given a differential equation. The problem basically requires me to solve the D.E., then plug 'n chug. I have gone over the solution to the D.E. over and over again. A fellow calculus student has also looked over the math and cannot find the...
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    Separable Differential Equation

    Hello, Yes, this is for a class - but it is simply a high school homework assignment. I am solving for v. (This is only part of the homework problem, BTW). [Broken] My question is particularly concerned with the last two lines. On the final line, is the -64/5...
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    Help Differentiating

    I need to differentiate D (the first equation). In this equation, there is an arcsin. I am not sure what to do about this. Well . . . just have a look:" If the browser says access denied, copy and paste the URL into a new browser window and it will...
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    Implicit Differentiation

    Find \frac{dy}{dx} given cos(y^2) = x^4 Is this correct: 1. cos(y^2) = x^4 2. -sin(y^2) \times 2y \frac{dy}{dx} = 4x^3 3. \frac{dy}{dx} = \frac{4x^3}{-2sin(y^2)}
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    Check my answer please (factoring)

    My teacher assigned us this problem (it is for extra credit, but I'll take what I can get): P = a(b^4-c^4)+b(a^4-c^4)+c(a^4-b^4) My work: 1. P = a( (b^2)^2 - (c^2)^2 )+b( (a^2)^2 - (c^2)^2 ) + c( (a^2)^2 - (b^2)^2 ) 2. P = a[ (b^2+c^2) (b+c) (b-c) ] + b[ (a^2+c^2) (a+c) (a-c) ] + c[...
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    Simple problem. Please check my answer?

    The Problem One liter (1000 cm^3) of oil is spilled onto a smooth lake. If the oil spreads out uniformly until it makes an oil slick just one molecule thick, with adjacent molecules just touching, estimate the diameter of the oil slick. Assume the oil molecules have a diameter of 2 x 10^-10 m...