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  1. nucleartear

    Gibbs paradox

    What I have not seen in books about the Gibbs paradox is that it doesn't exist if we make the Gibbs correction at the logarithm of the Z function, not at the Z function itself, in that way: \ln Z_{i} - \ln N_{i} ! where N_{i} is the number of identical particles of class i, where there...
  2. nucleartear

    Adiabatic theory of perturbations

    Hello there! Do you know any good link about the adiabatic theory of perturbations? (theoretical mechanics) thanx!
  3. nucleartear

    About the amount of weapons

    Do you believe that there are more than 20,000 nuclear weapons around the world? The communists used false inter-continental missiles in their military parades in order to scare their enemies and create confidence on their people... It's an ancient political strategy to seem more powerfull...
  4. nucleartear

    How long till I time out on PF?

    I'm not an english-speaker and I usually spend more time writting the messages... and I have to write them twice because the time of my account has over... So, can the time be longer[?] [?] [?] Thanx to all!
  5. nucleartear

    Let me tell u a problem

    There are three guys who go to a motel. They ask for a room, and the owner of the motel receives to them $30. After, when the three guys are at the room, the owner remember that room is only $25, so, he calls to the bellboy and say: "Give that $5 to the three guys". But tomorrow is his...
  6. nucleartear

    Some doubts on relativity

    Sorry if this doubt has been posted anytime before, but in a little view I have not seen it! (well, I have not make an exhaustive search, it could take long time!). I think this doubt must be easy to resolve: So, we have two galaxies, A and B, and they are moving... If we are at A, we can say...