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    Quiz question

    This was a national science quiz question: What's the smallest amount of molecules for water to have the properties of a fluid. a)1 molecule b)2 molecules c)6 molecules What's the answer and why?
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    For you maths-people as I'm confused.

    How is it possible that I can write (for example) 1/3 and be 100% accurate while I couldn't write the same number in decimals being just as accurate? It has to do with our choice of system. But what is it exactly? I don't seem to grasp it or isn't there anything to grasp?
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    Have a cone and divide it into infinately small slices

    If I have a cone and divide it into infinately small slices. Wouldn't both sides of one slice have the same area and wouldn't the next slice (and so on) have the same area as the slice before. So wouldn't your cone actually be a cylinder? My answer is no, because the reasoning is wrong. If I...
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    Gustav Daléns Invention

    Gustaf Daléns Invention He won the Nobel price for Physics for his invention. "for his invention of automatic regulators for use in conjunction with gas accumulators for illuminating lighthouses and buoys" How did his invention actually work? You could hardly call it a mayor...
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    We could just aswell all be dead.

    Seriously, what's there to live for? We are all slaves of our own being. To be honest I don't think much of life, but maybe that's because I've never truly been happy. I believe happiness is the only meaningfull thing to human beings.
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    Linear Momentum

    Two balls hit eachother. One ball with a mass of 2m standing still relative to the earth. The other ball has a mass of 1m and hits the ball of 2m at a certain speed. The collision is elastic. Could you calculate the proportion of Linear Momentum between both balls after the collision with...
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    Maths needed to study QM and GR?

    What Maths subjects should I study to understand Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity?
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    How does a mathematician define Mathematics?

    I searched my dictionary and it said: Science which deals with qualities of numbers and figures. Is this the definition you would give or do you know a better one? and How would you explain Mathematics to a layman?
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    Is Maths an underlying principle of nature or did it originate from our brain?

    Is Maths an underlying principle of nature or did it originate from our brain? I think we would agree that Maths is abstract, but would it be there if we wouldn't be here? Maybe Maths is an underlying principle of nature that our brain is capable of taking notice of in an abstract way. ...