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  1. ch hitech

    Oxygen absorbers

    I'll have a look at them. I jus want to demonstrate complete combustion of fuels (with sufficient amount of oxygen provided to them). hence to reduce smoke produced. This could be done with me purchasing oxygen,but I jus want to know how can we produce oxygen in a reasonable manner on the go.
  2. ch hitech

    Oxygen absorbers

    Then is there any other process which can provide me with regular supply of oxygen because the requirement for my project is regular absorbing of oxygen from air that too in a highly engineered (as small volume as possible) manner. The substance should be instantly made unsaturated and...
  3. ch hitech

    Anyone considering a career as a patent attorney?

    Hey can you help me by briefing the procedure for obtaining a patent
  4. ch hitech

    Oxygen absorbers

    I am looking for a liquid whose oxygen absorption capacity varies with temperature. I have heard of alkyl pyrogallol solution but there are different solutions of pyrogallol in alkaline solution . I wanted to produce oxygen with the help of this o2 absorbing capacity variation with temperature.