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  1. madhusoodan

    Gas sensor -- microheater

    what is reason for preferring platinum in micro-heater fabrication in the case of a gas sensor ? my understanding is that it is because of its stability in different chemical environments. Please comment if there are any other reasons
  2. madhusoodan

    Van der Pauw measurment- source unit

    I wanted to study electrical behavior of thin films. Can anybody suggest me suitable source measure unit please? (also of low budget) Power supply: Voltage (few volts) measurement: current (micro- milliamps)
  3. madhusoodan

    XRD peak position near 32 degree

    Why almost every crystal system has peak around 32 degree (2 theta) ?
  4. madhusoodan

    X-ray Spectroscopy Question

    [Mentor's note: Post moved to its own thread] Hi Please let me know why core electrons are removed from the atoms on x-ray irradiation in XPS, though it was easier to outer electrons?