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    Controlling a Stepper motor with L298N board

    Hi guys, So i just bought a L298N motor driver board and i'm planing to connect it to a stepper motor. I'm wondering what kind of stepper motor should i use? The one that has 4 wires or 6 wires? Btw, what's the difference with bipolar and unipolar stepper motor? I'm planing to control it...
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    Programs Need advice on double major

    Hi guys, I'm thinking to take double major but not sure which major should i take. I want to take electrical engineering as the first one but not so sure for the second one. Might mechanical engineering would be a good one? Or computer science is better? Thanks guys! PS : i'm...
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    How to amplify a DC voltage

    Hi, a newb on eleng here. Recently i've been working on my project. I need to get a high DC (1000V - 10000V ) output voltage, low current (10-30mA would be fine) from a DC input voltage (9-12V). I'm thinking to use a transformer but it only able to amplify an AC voltage right? Thanks!
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    What'd happen if two light source collide w/ each other?

    Imagine this, there are 2 light source (laser perhaps) pointing each other with a distance between them. They have the same frequency, wavelength and amplitude. But, laser 1 start with positive amplitude while the laser 2 start with negative amplitude (start off from negative), what would happen...