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    Transport Processes problem regarding viscosity/fluid flow and energy.

    Given : Q = 100,000 m3/day * 1 day/24 h * 1 h/60 s = 69.444 m3/s OD = 1.22 m , ID = 1.196 m , Lt = 1300 000 m , Laminar flow L = 1300 000 m/11 = 118182 m µ = 0.638 Pa.s , ρ =890 Kg/m3 Starting from first principles, estimate the pressure increase that must be generated by each of the...
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    Heat exchanger selection

    may be it is too late for answer but i think this blog will help and this is a wonderful slid
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    Reusing thousands of collected samples of batches

    I do not think that there are factories that have 100 different products but if it is then, you have to know that the batch sample will be just a few mL so it is not a big deal. a small label on the bottle with name, date, and concentration then arrange your closet in a proper way then no...
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    Instrument or method to analyze Si and SiO2 powder

    I really want to measure the conversion I thing you mean Yield. I have an idea it may works but it is not accurate. If you have evaporation temperature for every component you can insert your sample in Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer which is an instrument that calculate change in weight vs...
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    How do I get water vapor fraction and pressure?

    how can I get the vapor fraction by using steam table you can know the pressure on water and its corresponding temperature and amount of vapor generated. you can find steam table on most thermodydamic books.
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    Flow rate calculation using pressure difference and time

    actually i already forget how i solved it but anyway downlod the following file and see the Example 2.1. i hope it will help
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    2 Question about reactions

    Ne will not has affect on the equilibruim in system A O2 and NO2 for sure will be radioactive but iam not sure about N2 for system B
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    Is it possible to burn methanol without O2

    Homework Statement Is it possible to burn methanol by using NO2 as an Oxidant instead of using O2 and what will be the product? Homework Equations CH3OH + NO2 =====> ?? The Attempt at a Solution CH3OH + NO2 =====> CH3ONO + HNO NOT sure
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    Debate: Chemical or Materials Engineering as a Career

    It depend where you live in for example in an oil countries producer a chemical engineer field will be batter but in European countries Mechanical field will be batter. Do not forget that chemical engineering field is just a mix between ME and chemistry . working environment for both of them is...
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    What is Infared and Ultraviolet radiation responsible for?

    all of them are energy and all of them could be use to produce heat but low frequency (low energy ) are more favorable to produce heat (infrared) because high energy electromagnetic waves could change the structure of molecule or make undesired reactions (Ultravilot). This is why a microwave...
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    Strange Observation of Ink in Ball Point Pen

    try this inverted ball point pen on evening and come on the morning to see what will happen. actually you will see ink go downward away from the point pen. this happen because the ink of your point pen has high viscosity which will prevent ink from moving easily. moreover, if you see the tube of...
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    Electron energy

    the statement is false because the charge of electron is constant the statement have to be why more energy is needed to take out electron from inner shell? or why electrons on the outer shell need more energy to keep them there?
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    Non linear curve fitting

    give us the points and I may able to interpolate it with different method.
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    Can we trap light?

    Thank you for replying but how the mirror will arrange to make it theoretically possible ?
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    Can we trap light?

    can we trap light??? hi every body i read about Optical fiber and how light is reflecting inside wire by the principle of Total internal reflection and I wonder, is it possible to trap light between mirrors and if yes,then is it going to be an energy losses ?? :confused:
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    Heat constant change with temperature

    why not R=Cv-Cp (not sure but something like that) i think there are another way to find Cv. try to have a look to this book. unfortunately I'm away from my home , so i can not give you the equation directly.
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    Heat constant change with temperature

    just h have to be interpolated , but you might find empirical equation describe behavior of h with respect of T if you search through internet (difficult and time consuming). Pr,Nu,Re , vescosity and Cp have a specific equation.
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    Heat constant change with temperature

    I do not actually understand your question, but to find Cp at different temperature there are an equation with many constants you can find it at the end of this book or i thing you will find that equation in Perry Chemical Engineering handbook...
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    MATLAB Integral of sinx in MatLab

    syms x fun=inline(sin(x)) int=quad(fun,1,2)
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    Flow rate calculation using pressure difference and time

    - Rate of mass = Rate of accumulation of mass - Q\rho = d/dt (V\rho) ** Q is volumetric flow rate & V is vessil vloume = V d\rho/dt + \rho dV/dt ** \rho is density = V [d\rho]/[dt] ** since Volume of vessel is...
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    Flow rate calculation using pressure difference and time

    What do you mean by ''inside diameter of part: 3/8" ' diameter of pipe or orifice or what??
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    MATLAB Can anyone recommend a nice Matlab Engine tutorial to me?

    Hi, you can use this Pdf as a refference it will help you much
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    Can anyone help?

    you are not alone , but I think if you find a goal(s) for your life and try to manage your time to achieves this goal(s) will help you a lot. Remember your goal(s) have to be SMART. Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time specific
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    Calculators Chemistry calculator

    check hysys software
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    Mathematica MATHEMATICA[solve numerical integration and find min value]

    Let us try to solve it step by step first I'll open the sum and get the following equation and x is t1 press enter and get this answer now to find minimum you can take derivative...
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    Mathematica MATHEMATICA[solve numerical integration and find min value]

    write the equation you want to solve in normal way (like what written in your book) so i can help
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    Adsorption and diffusion

    i think that if the diffusivity of a fluid increases adsorption will decrease
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    Behaviour of hydrogen in an electric field

    Read any General physics book and you will find how to make ana electric field with the specific charge and so on. The rest of the experiment you have to use your mind
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    Mathematica Mathematica Problem

    download the following software which is much more easier than mathematica [Broken]
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    Chemical Engineer

    I am a chemical engineering student . I want to tell you that chemical engineering does not depend really on chemistry . During your study you will not take an advace course on chemistry but you will study a general chemistry just to make sure that you can understand what is going on. when you...