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    N Piskunov

    I'm looking for a good calculus book which has a good balance of both theory and good problems . Some people think that Piskunov would be a good bet . Is there an English version available online , as an e-book ? If so , could someone provide a link ? Do you have any other suggestions as to...
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    Horse-Power Developed

    Homework Statement A motor car of mass 2 tons moves from rest with constant acceleration and acquires a velocity of 30 miles/hr in 30 seconds . Show that the horse-power developed by the engine during that time is 16.43 . Homework Equations Power = Work-done/Time taken The...
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    Friction ( Inclined plane)

    Homework Statement A body of weight W rests on a rough inclined plane and a force P acting at angle \alpha with the inclined plane just prevents the body from sliding down . If the inclined plane makes an angle \phi with the horizontal , prove that P = W\frac{sin(\phi -...