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    Vector Integral

    Im new to this forum but not new to science and math at all. But i have a mathematical problems. Ive been working with QM for a while and im having problem with this specefic integral. This integral that is included in the word file is the integral im having problems with. In my papers the...
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    Ocean Current

    Ive been thinking alot and come nowhere, is it possible to create a program with a 2D envirment where the temperature change from place to place and make the computer calculate a current in the fluid? if so how would the mathematic look like then?
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    Relativistic energy and matter

    all speed are relative to the observer, but if we have 2 planets with inteligent beings and for one of them all the objects in the universe seem to move just a bit slower than the other planet, wouldnt it then be less matter and energy in thge universe for those biengs? and with finite amount of...
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    DNA question

    the dna is made up be a double helix, but would it be possible to have a tripple helix? if so what would the advantage be and what disadvantages does exist? ive been thinking on this and have come nowhere exept it would be fun to see it cause we dont have it. and is it possible to create...
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    A supernova can out light a entire galaxy

    a supernova can out light a entire galaxy. Ive read it can give out about 10^44J of energy is there anyone of you who now the amount of energy released mor exacly or even better know how to calculate it? i love calculating stuff.
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    Have 0 potential energy?

    persinaly i already hae though about it but i want to know what you think and if uve thinked like this. imagen the universe when its young matter is equaly spread (the small variation are now to small to be noticed) wouldnt all matter then have 0 potenial energy? it should cause there is...