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    Inelastic Collision in Plasma

    1. Explain why it is important for inelastic equation to occur in a plasma in order for process such as ionization and excitation to happen. 2. 1/2(m1u1^2) = 1/2(m1)(v1^2 + u1^2 sin^2(theta)) + 1/2(m2v2^2) + (delta)U 3. According to the inelastic equation above, in order for ionization and...
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    Solving 1 electron atom Schrodinger Equation in rectangular coordinates?

    Hi, I'm a physics undergraduate, and I'm having trouble understanding Atomic Physics right now. At first I thought it (the question in the title) is possible, but then I think I got confused with particle in a box. So I refer to textbooks and look for answers in the internet, and confirmed...
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    Bragg condition

    Homework Statement The unit cell in a cubic crystal is 2.74Å. Determine the Bragg angle for reflections from the planes (200), (212) and (-112). [sorry i dunno how to put a bar on top of the numbers] if the x-ray wavelength used is 1.54Å Homework Equations Given Bragg's condition as 2d sinθ =...