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    Newtons Law

    Homework Statement An object with a mass of 4.0 kg travels with a constant velocity of 4.8 m/s northward. It is then acted on by a force of 6.5 N in the direction of motion and a force of 9.5 N to the south, both of which continue even after the mass comes momentarily to rest. (a) How...
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    Will you check my work?

    Homework Statement A left-handed pitcher at sea level throws a baseball at a 45o angle with an initial speed of 19 m/s. The time for the ball to reach its highest point can be found from the data and known constants using which equations? Solve for the time. Homework Equations V^2 =...
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    Frictionless Slide (mastering Physics)

    Homework Statement A child slides down a frictionless 3.1 -long playground slide tilted upward at an angle of 37. At the end of the slide, there is an additional section that curves so that the child is launched off the end of the slide horizontally. Part A How fast is the child moving at...
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    Homework Due Tonight (jan 27)

    Homework Statement Hi im just starting a college physics class, all the work is pretty much online and im am having a terrible time learning all the equations and things of that nature. The question is You are standing by your living room window when an object falls vertically downward in...