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    A Gamma matrices

    "It is easily shown" that the gamma 5 matrix anticommutes with the four gamma matrices. Can someone tell me how or provide a link to such proof?
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    A Press Schechter function -- the variance on mass scale

    In obtaining the Press Schechter function, the variance on mass scale is differentiated with respect to mass. The variance on a mass scale is a function of wavenumber k through the Power spectrum and transfer function. To eliminate k dependence, some value of k must be inserted into the...
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    Sakurai Modern Quantum Mechanics (Second Edition) Eq. 1.7.15

    Homework Statement Reading Sakurai I cannot see how he gets to the end of 1.7.15 as below: Homework Equations ∫dx'|x'><x'-dx' |α> = ∫dx'|x'>{<x' |α>-Δx'∂/∂x'<x' |α>} The Attempt at a Solution I tried a Taylor expansion but cannot see how this is derived.
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    Lorrain & Corson

    can someone help me with a derivation in L&C. I am wrestling with Figure 18.9 (Fig 7.20 in second edition) . In Equations 18.36 and 18.37 (7.99 and 7.100), the element dl is substituted with acos(phi)dphi and I cannot see how this is derived.