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    Proof of satellite revolve around earth in circular path

    Hi guys. I do not know artificial satellite revolve around Earth in a circular path or an ellipse path but do we have physics and mathematical proof that artificial satellite revolve around Earth in circular/ellipse path?
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    Foca length of a concave mirror

    Homework Statement A concave mirror of focal length 10cm in air is put into a beaker containing a liquid up to 7.5cm. Refractive index of the liquid is 1.2. What is the focal length of the mirror inside the beaker? The Attempt at a Solution I tried proportion method: Depth...
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    Finding New Resistance

    A wire has uniform cross sectional and resistance R. Then the wire is pulled so that the length increases by 10%. How to find the new resistance? Assumption: The wire thins uniformly.
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    Question about Electric Field Strength and Electric Potential

    Lets say I have a point charge X placed on a region between a +Q test charge and +2Q point charge where electric field strength is zero. Since E=-dV/dR, does it mean V=0 or constant? Can the point charge move if i place it there? Well lets just ignore gravitational field/force here.