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    Programs Which choice is best for a Physics major?

    I have recently been accepted as a major in Physics to UCR, UCI, and UCSB. I know that UCSB is the highest ranked of all the UC's in Physics particularly (except Berkeley, which I did not get in to), but my main dilemma here is that there are other factors in play. With where I live, I could...
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    B Why isn't water on the ISS dangerous?

    Obviously, just about anywhere you go in the ISS, the walls are lined with electronics. Potentially a silly question, but why don't the astronauts need to be more careful when they handle water, considering that it could short circuit the electrical systems? Example:
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    Stargazing Movement of Stars seen from the North Pole

    From the perspective of someone at or near the exact north pole (where, for all practical purposes, they are not rotating), ignoring the gradual change of the stars as the Earth orbits the sun, would the stars appear to move at all in the night sky? Or would they be stationary because the...
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    Gravitational Force/Earth Rotation Question

    The force of gravity is what makes things on the Earth rotate with it, instead of flying off. Doesn't this mean, however, that if you were to apply an upward force on something exactly equal in magnitude to the gravitational force on the object (so the net force on it is 0), it would cease to...
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    B Questions about Lunar Phases

    My first question is: Shouldn't the lunar phases be thrown off by Earth's orbit of the sun? As in, after 6 months of orbit, since we are on opposite sides of the sun, the phases would be reversed so that the moon being in the same position relative to the Earth as it was before the 6 months...
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    Circuitry Confusion

    I have a number of questions on how circuits really function - my class just found itself looking at circuit diagrams and voltages without any explanation of the basics of how circuits actually work. 1) How does the concept of electric potential difference between two points, like with a point...
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    Question about Orbits of Moon/Earth around Sun

    How, exactly, is the moon able to orbit the Earth while at the same time moving with Earth's orbit of the Sun? I understand that the Earth/Moon both have the same accelerations caused by the Sun's gravity, but accelerations are not additive - only forces. At any time, the moon will be pulled by...
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    What's going on in this snapshot from the ISS?

    I was watching the ISS live feed (from YouTube) and came across this strange look. Does anyone know what would cause this in the live feed?