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    A perfect square inside a circle and a perfect square

    A perfect square inside a circle (so the inner square's corners touch the circle) and a perfect square surrounds the circle (so the circle touches the sides of the outer square. Are the extra bits between the inner square and the circle equal to the extra bits between the circle and the outer...
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    Thought experiment; what happens if you alternate an image

    like a person with a background and just the background really fast, like a strobe effect. If you cycle back and forth fast enough would the person appear like normal or 50% see through?
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    Does accuracy increase with repeated measurements and why

    For example, I weigh a pebble and get a value of 7.1g. Then I measure again and get 7.6g, then again and get 6.9g.. Then I repeat the measurement using the same scale 5000 times. (its just a thought experiment). Is the mean of all measurements closer to the true value and if so, why? thanks