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    Reconstruction of a 3D image from layered 2D images

    I am currently looking at constructing a model of a 3D printed item based on a sequence of images of each layer of the print. At the moment the sequence of images are transformed to black / white and run through a Moore Neighborhood algorithm and then a voxel representation of the printed...
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    System of differential equations, Maple tells me I'm wrong

    Hi there, I have a system of differential equations which I set up in a matrix like this: \left[ \begin {array}{ccc} 3/2&-1&-1/2\\ \noalign{\medskip}-1/2&2&1/2 \\ \noalign{\medskip}1/2&1&5/2\end {array} \right] = \left[ \begin {array}{c} {\frac {d}{dt}}x \left( t \right) \\...
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    Pivoting beam supported by a spring - equilibrium

    Homework Statement I have the following setup The beam turns without friction around the pivot support and is supported by a vertical, massless spring. When in equilibrium the spring is compressed by the the length b. My target variables are the spring constant...
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    Elastic and gravitational potential energy, with friction and a box on incline.

    [SOLVED] Elastic and gravitational potential energy First off, long time lurker here on his first post. Your forum seems absolutely brilliant, so I hope you can help me :) Homework Statement A box on an elastic string is dropped down an incline and proceeds to slide the distance L before...