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    Tenure track position at small University or Postdoc at a top one

    Hi guys!, I am in a kind of dilemma and wanted to know your opinion. I am from a very small european country and came to US for a PhD in a respectable university (top 50 in all world rankings). I just finished my PhD in mathematical modeling of turbulent flows and applied for different...
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    Mathematical Fluid Dynamics

    Hi guys, I studied mechanical engineering and I am currently a graduate student (turbulence modeling). I am interested in the more formal/mathematical aspects of fluid dynamics, which are mainly worked in mathematical faculties and I would like to know if someone knows/have an idea about...
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    Losing ability of solving problems.

    Hi guys! Well, when I was a B.Sc and/or a M.Sc student I used to solve lots of exercises from books in order to prepare myself for exams. I was really familiar with many methods for solving ODE and PDE by hand and I was comfortable by doing it. But since 3 years I am only working in research...
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    Engineering Researchers in fluid mechanics: engineers , Physicists ?

    Researchers in fluid mechanics: "engineers", "Physicists" ? Dear all, I was reading the book "Turbulent flows" of S. Pope and I went to his website at Cornell and started to see his work. In case you do not know him, I can tell you that his work is 100% applied mathematics and fluid physics...
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    From turbulent flows to astrophysic

    Hi! I would like to know your opinion about an eventual jump from a PhD in mathematical modeling of turbulent flows to a postdoc in astrophysics? Do you think something like this is possible? or the only option is to do a second PhD? Thanks in advance for your answers =).
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    Schools University Rankings

    I know that there are many reasons why university rankings are not a "valid" source of information, but I would really like to know your opinion regarding the following questions: 1) Which ranking do you think it is better (more valid)?.. why? (Arwu, QS, THES, other) 2) How high should be...
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    I have never finished my M.Sc.

    Hi Guys!, I am new in the forum and I want to ask for some advice regarding my carrier path. Here is my story in short: I am a third year PhD student (mathematical modeling of turbulent flows). I finished my B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) in the best 20% of my generation and went for a...