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    Do the photons have mass?

    do the photons have mas???or just the momentum???or both??
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    Cathode rays

    During discharge tube experiment, the cathode rays are emitted from cathode at very low is said that these rays move at very high velocity(if we apply high Potential Difference between 2 electrodes) these rays( stream of electrons) travel in uniform velocity or aren't they...
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    Sebeck's effect

    1.what is the main cause for the emf produced in a thermocouple when their two junctions are at different temperatures? 2.why is it necessary that the emf produced causes the current to pass from the metal (which is at the top of thermoelectric series) to the other metal (which is at lower...
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    Surface tension's direction

    what actually is surface tension??what is its direction?
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    Direction of frictional force in wheels

    1. if a ball rolling towards east frictional force also acts towards east...why is it so??(i mean to say doesnt frictional force act in opposite to the direction of motion?) 2. if a bicycle is being pedaled, then the frictional force acts in backward direction in the front wheels and in...
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    About the nature of light

    why is light called an electromagnetic wave??what does it have to do with electricity and magnetism?
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    What is dark energy?

    Is the reverse of big bang that is big crunch likely to happen??or will dark energy dominate the gravity and the space will coninuoisly expand???