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    Complex Line Integrals

    Homework Statement Compute the following line integral: \int_{\gamma} |z|^2 dz where \gamma(t) is the line segment from 2 to 3 + i Homework Equations Green's Theorem The Attempt at a Solution I originally started by saying that y = x - 2 and subing that into the equation "x^2 + y^2"...
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    In Z2 find all the solutions.

    Homework Statement In Z2 find all solutions to x1 + x3 + x4 = 1 x1 +x2 +x4 +x5 =1 x1 + x5 = 1. How many solutions in total are there? The Attempt at a Solution I attempted to reduce row it however I'd be left with a "1" on the right hand side. Its not hard but I am hitting some...