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    Electric Charge Density

    (src: Intro to Electrodynamics, Griffith, Problem 1.46a) Q: Write an expression for the electric charge density \rho (r) of a point charge q at r^'. Make sure that the volume integral of \rho equals q. Now, Closest I can seem to come up with is...
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    Seperation Vector

    Separation Vector Let \vec{r} be the seperation vector from a fixed point (\acute{x},\acute{y},\acute{z}) to the source point (x,y,z). Show that: \nabla(\frac{1}{||\vec{r}||}) = \frac {-\hat{r}} {||\vec{r}||^2} Now, I've attempted this comeing from the approach that ||\vec{r}|| =...