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    The Quantum Tamers

    "The Quantum Tamers" Does anyone have a link to a place I could watch "The Quantum Tamers"?
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    Fast moving batteries

    Lets say I'm in a train going the 1/2 the speed of light. I have a light source that releases signal photons. I aim the light source in the direction i'm going and release 1 photon. Now my energy supply for the lamp has decreased by hf. From a person on the platform the frequency is shifted...
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    Attosecond Tomography and Elephants

    I just read a paper about attosecond science and wavefunction tomography. This allows for "pictures" to be taken of the wavefunction of a bound electron including spatial and phase information. Is this "picture" a picture of a single electron from a certain particles wavefunction or is it...
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    Coherence of Single Photons

    For any light beam it is normal to characterize the coherence length and time. This is done by measuring the ability light to interfere with itself. Does it make sense to talk about the coherence of a single photon beam, such as the one used in the double slit experiment? Can a single photon...
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    Help Locating a Thesis

    I'm looking for this thesis, "B. Dopfer, Zwei Experimente zur Interferenz von Zwei-Photonen Zuständen Ein Heisenbergmikroskop und Pendellösung (Ph.D. Thesis, U. Innsbrück 1998)". It use to be posted here [Broken] but that link is not...