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    Radicals-> Exponential equations

    how would I take the cube root of the square root of 2 as an exponential equation? the square root of 2 is 21/2 but I dont know what to do with the cube root.
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    Calculators Ti84 silver edition help

    Ti84 silver edition help!!! when i go to add apps to my calc I open Ticonnect and I go to Ti DeviceExplorer while my calc is hooked up to the black cable it came with. a select device window apears, it says COM1 and COM3 it searches, then both come up <not found> what should I do?
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    A googolplex YB is 10^124 bytes

    a googol YB is 10^124 bytes im wanting to know how much that is in Terrabytes. anyone know?
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    Good Notepad replacement?

    whats the best one? Im wanting something with syntax highlighting(view source in Firefox to see what I mean) and any other good html helping tools.
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    Favorite equation

    list your favorite equation and why mine is -b + or - the square root of b2 -4ac all over 2a the quadratic formula. I found it easier than factoring for finding my x's
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    Figuring point in savings account

    say i have an amount of say $20000 in my savings account and at 2% interest per month when will I have 1 million? my current method is 20000(1.02)x=1000000, and solve for x I get 197, which is months, 197/12=16.4yr. about. is that right?
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    Calculators Choosing graphing calculator

    Help me decide. I want something that can help w/ calculus,trig,physics,statistics(not an absolutely necessary feature) and chem(not sure what features would be added to help this, but if you know then do tell) and allowed on SAT/ACT. any ideas
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    Calculating Work Done by Variable Force

    Homework Statement I need To find the work done by a force that varies with position like this: F(x)=2x^3 -5x^2 +10 with x at values between 0 to 10 meters. Homework Equations see above, and maybe w=fd The Attempt at a Solution I found the area underneath the curve by putting...