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    Confusion with Fourier Transform and Step Function clarification needed please

    Confusion with Fourier Transform and Step Function...clarification needed please :) I am required to find the Fourier Transform of (without integration): s(t) = 1 for 0 < t < 4; -t/2 for 4 < t < 6. I understand that for: s(t) = t for 0 < t < 1; 1 for t > 1 that this is the same as...
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    Fourier series - trig and complex not matching?

    fourier series - trig and complex not matching!?! i am given a signal which can be written as: s(t) = -1 {-1 < t < 0}, 1 {0 < t < 1}, 0 {1 < t < 2} [it's a pulse train] the period, T, is 3. i have calculated the trig. fourier series representation, which in matlab turns out to be...
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    Complex scissors truss question

    Homework Statement The symmetrical scissors truss is supported at point A and D. The support at D is a rocker bearing and does not produce a horizontal reaction. A, B, C, D, E, & F are pin joints. The members of the truss are not joined to each other where they cross. At A, the angle...