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    When did black holes first started to appear in the universe?

    Hi Chronos:smile: The December 8, 2011 Nature article ,Two ten-billion-solar-mass black holes at the centres of giant elliptical galaxies, by Nicholas J. McConnell et al :
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    When did black holes first started to appear in the universe?

    Thanks yenchin:smile: Foremost, we know blackholes exist. I was just reading about the blackhole in our galaxy.
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    When did black holes first started to appear in the universe?

    "One key aspect to the early Universe is that the gas available to make stars did not have metals (which, to astronomers, mean every element except hydrogen and helium), since metals came later as a result of nuclear fusion in the stars themselves. This effectively made cooling of gas slow and...
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    Anyone heard of the solar snake Solar system theory?

    The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) - Solar System Exploration notes this: 1. 2. You might like to learn more about our solar system by exploring the links (urls). Best wishes to you. :smile:
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    Is the universe expanding?

    Regarding the topic Is the universe expanding?, the ESA states: 1. "One of Hubble's initial 'core' purposes was to determine the rate of expansion of the Universe, known to astronomers as the "Hubble Constant". After eight years of Cepheid observations this work was concluded by finding...
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    Other sizes for black holes

    Regarding Tanelorn's Yahoo article, I did locate the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's article, Astronomers Find Largest, Most Distant Reservoir of Water, dated July 22, 2011: "Quasar Drenched in Water Vapor This artist's concept illustrates a quasar, or feeding black hole, similar to APM...
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    Origin of Universe - Hole with no bottom?

    I thought it important to bring forth Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Anisotropies: their Discovery and Utilization, Nobel Lecture, December 8, 2006 by George F. Smoot. I present only two snippets from the his lecture though encourage people to read it in its entirety: 1. "The Cosmic...
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    Origin of Universe - Hole with no bottom?

    From the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA): About NSTA The Executive Summary Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, the National Science Teachers Association is a member-driven organization, 60,000-strong. We publish books and journals for science teachers from kindergarten...
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    Are we at the center of the universe and whats at the edge?

    Hey, thanks Marcus! :wink: (I'm writing a poem about you.:biggrin:) Adding a tad more to this subject. :biggrin: Picking up where I left off. From European Space Agency:
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    Are we at the center of the universe and whats at the edge?

    The Big Bang disproved that we are at the center of the universe. :smile: The European Space Agency on July 5, 2010 had a article "Planck unveils the Universe – now and then" that I think is helpful to this discussion:
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    The Universe - infinite or not ?

    Mutsi brought up Dark Matter. I'd like to present the lastest about it. April 14, 2011 from the Weizmann Institute of Science:
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    The Universe - infinite or not ?

    The European Space Agency (ESA) Science and Technology: Glossary I think the ESA's glossary is quite informative.
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    Do we see the universe the way it is?

    It's been a while since I read THE GRAND DESIGN by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. Please give me the page from the book that you are referencing in your statement. I'd like to review it. Thanks.:smile:
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    Original location of the Big Bang

    Hi marcus. The pdf isn't working for me. Test it out. Please. Thanks. Yep, you are correct.:wink: From NASA, NASA Official: Dr. Gary F. Hinshaw, Page Updated: Monday, 05-24-2010
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    What Is Beyond The Observable Universe?

    Orion1 deleted his/her contributions from this topic though I did quote (copy) Orion1 as noted in posts #296 and 297 prior to Orion1's action. Shame on you, Orion1! Beware people of Orion1's tricky nonsense. The person may do it again. You should know Orion1 that your message does appear...
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    What Is Beyond The Observable Universe?

    Orion, I already answered the questions. You need to read again and attempt to understand what I have previously posted. Also, a theory doesn't deal with "ifs." You need to first understand what a theory means. There are no universes. Period. End of story.
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    What Is Beyond The Observable Universe?

    There are no "observable sea of universes."
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    What Is Beyond The Observable Universe?

    "What is Beyond The Observable Universe?" is the topic. Science only deals with the observable. We have The Big Bang Theory. It is extremely important to know what a theory means. Also, the following definition of a *theory* applies to every other scientific theory. Everyone should know this...
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    Understanding the accelerating expansion of the universe based on redshift

    Tests of Big Bang: Expansion from NASA by Official: Dr. Gary F. Hinshaw, Updated: Friday, 04-16-2010 Universe is Expanding - "Red Shift" is Proof of Einstein's General Theory from "Cosmic Times is a product of the Imagine the Universe...
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    Measuring the universe ?

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has a fine video glossary. Astrophysicist David Schlegel explains about measuring the universe. You can view the video online.:biggrin: [Broken]
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    One black hole sucks another?

    :smile: Wow! Be sure to read the entire document. I found a big surprise in there! :bugeye:
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    Proof of the Big Bang Theory

    Thanks Ich. Here is the entire publication that pertains to your link from It does discuss baryons as well: Fermilab-Pub-10/114-E May 16, 2010 Evidence for an anomalous like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry Also, the...
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    Proof of the Big Bang Theory

    Remember ALICE?:biggrin:
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    Proof of the Big Bang Theory

    The url above will take you to more information about The Nobel Prize in Physics 2006 - John C. Mather, George F. Smoot. :biggrin: I encourage views to explore that page. Also from NASA:
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    Proof of the Big Bang Theory :biggrin:
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    Self-creating Universe

    Dr. Richard Gott with be a speaker at the INTERNATIONAL SHERWOOD FUSION THEORY CONFERENCE, APRIL 19-21, 2010, Seattle, Washington. :smile: Made me think about: Also, Dr. J. Richard Gott, III did write "A GOAL FOR THE HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT PROGRAM."...
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    Is evolution part of cosmology?

    " " Hi Jaebaeli, my previous statement was strictly about the fact that in Charles Darwin's lifetime he didn't write about cosmology though I am grateful for your contribution which allowed me the opportunity to bring forth to the public what the AAAS has to offer about Charles Darwin. I...
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    Is evolution part of cosmology?

    Hi jaebaeli. Nice to see you have joined PF. Darwin didn't write about cosmology. Here is a small section from a large document that hopefully helps you understand more about Darwin. The document is Benchmarks~ Online Project 2061~ AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) 10...
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    Big Bang - No Single point of Expansion

    I highly recommend people explore the following website from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Physics Division, The Universe Adventure - The Eros of the Cosmos. :smile: I love it!
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    More on dark energy

    More on Dark Energy from SNAP (Supernova Acceleration Probe) from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.