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    I Locality and Wave Function Collapse Implications

    Thank you once again for the thoughtful reply. I'm letting these concepts sink in (slowly). and will read the Bell article. Regarding measurement, you mention the possibility of a WF requiring observers. Is this separate from something that simply interacts with the WF, like a measuring...
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    I Locality and Wave Function Collapse Implications

    Thanks very much for both of your replies. Regarding the question of what the measuring device is actually interacting with, is the measurement problem responsible for being unable to answer this? If so, I suppose responding to this question really only exposes one's beliefs on locality and...
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    I Locality and Wave Function Collapse Implications

    OK, so I'm trying to work out a few ideas regarding locality. I've studied at the undergrad level in the past (including quantum), but with professors that slaved away at proving math constructs and never bothered to indulge in clarifying the context of any concepts, so I'm pretty weak here...
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    Laser Cooling & Zeeman Effect

    I have a couple of questions regarding laser cooling. I should preface this by saying that I've taken a course in Modern Physics, so I don't have more than a very basic understanding of QM. In this case, I am familiar with absorption/emission lines, Zeeman effect, degeneracy and quantum...
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    Help with Understanding Conclusions of the Planck Hypothesis

    Let me start off by saying that I really only have a few weeks experience beyond the introductory physics courses, so I apologize in advance for any gross misconceptions I have. In trying to understand Planck's theory, I came upon a number of confusions that I am having trouble reconciling...