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    Gibbs energy of formation and electrolysis efficiency

    Hello - I'm having some problems understanding Gibbs energy of formation, and how it's applied to electrolysis. So, I'm hoping someone can explain what I'm doing wrong.. According to his site: (image) The change in the Gibbs...
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    Vibrating molecules?

    Ok, so here's my understanding now. Molecules just have an intrinsic vibrational energy that can be considered stored energy.. This energy can't be utilized, and is just "there"... It has no special name. Then there is a bond energy "vibrational", (seperate from above) that is a...
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    Vibrating molecules?

    I've heard molecules are constantly moving or vibrating. What is the mechanism behind this? Where does the energy come from, and go? Is it always a function of temperature/pressure?
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    Electrolysis and PEMs

    How would a PEM work with a positive electrode, and negative electrode, with a PEM right between them within water. Would O2 gas form on the membrane itself? How does this improve efficiency compared to the same cell without a PEM?
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    Electrolyte + electrolysis efficiency

    Hello, Does adding electrolyte increase the efficiency of h2o electrolysis? If so, is there a formula to figure out ideal electrolytes, etc? Does the electrolyte weaken the H2O covalent bonds, or just allow current to flow easier between electrodes? Thanks,