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    FDeck's Free Energy Thread

    You guys must all be psychics.
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    Question about heat loss from a surface

    How can I calculate the heat loss from the surface area of a box into air? Also, how can I calculate the heat/energy loss from a heated gas (into ambient air)?. Thanks in advance.
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    Fuel cell

    According to physics these will not work. But a lot of people out there will swear they do work to improve fuel economy.... If you want to experiment with one of these, I'd recommend using a 'dry cell' sold on Ebay. Supposedly these units are reaching efficiencies of 70+ percent. Avoid...
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    YOU!: Fix the US Energy Crisis

    To save energy.. Why don't cars have a built in waste heat energy recovery systems? i.e., a steam engine type booster that can convert heat into mechanical energy.. Is this really that difficult to implement? Seems like this could improve fuel efficiency by quite a bit. Next thought. How...
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    YOU!: Fix the US Energy Crisis

    I didn't see this mentioned yet, but cellulosic ethanol produced at a local level could be good way to go (i.e, from ag. waste, rice stubble, arborist waste, etc.) . And, biofuels (biodiesel) produced from algae farms might be a good way to go as well. Why not use corn stalks to produce...
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    YOU!: Fix the US Energy Crisis

    If someone found out how to harness, vacuum energy, zero point energy, or a simpler type of nuclear energy. Would this be a viable solution to our energy problems? Or could it be too dangerous for the public to have access to?
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    YOU!: Fix the US Energy Crisis

    While searching around the web for electrolysis efficiency, I came across this link:[crackpot link deleted] Some of this seems somewhat crack-potish. But if it was practical wouldn't it be a great source of energy? This technology claims to use a 'resonant' affect to break water into...
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    YOU!: Fix the US Energy Crisis

    I understand that. I guess I should have asked what the net energy gain is by using natural gas for a hydrogen source vs. water?
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    YOU!: Fix the US Energy Crisis

    How about hydrogen from water? What are the efficiency problems with getting hydrogen / oxygen gas from water verse hydrogen from natural gas?
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    Who invented Wireless Radio ?

    Was Nikola Tesla nuts? He came up with lots of useful concepts, and ideas.. Some were a little far-fetched back then (but some of his then "crazy" ideas are now being used) ... But does that mean he was nuts to you? Or did he actually have a mental problem?