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    External Magnetic Field & Electron Spin Interaction

    It's a Solid State Physics Course. The slide says that if you know the external field and the ratio of the number of electrons with spin parallel to anti-parallel that we can calculate the temperature when a field interacts with a set of electron spins.
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    External Magnetic Field & Electron Spin Interaction

    In my lecture notes, there is a slide about an external field interacting with a system of electron spins. In this situation can we assume that B=B_0 ( or in other words that μ_0*M =0)? I would think so, but does a system of electron spins imply that these electrons belong to some matter...
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    Umklapp Scattering & Conservation of Energy

    After looking at Umklapp scattering, I believe I have finally gotten most of it down, but a few things are still not clear. 1) Momentum is not conserved for certain phonon collisions, and a certain number of reciprocal lattice vectors are transferred to the crystal lattice...
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    Brillouin Zones, Phonons, Energy Propagation through a Crystal

    Hello, I am having quite a bit of trouble really grasping Brillouin Zones and their relation to phonons, energy propagation, etc. I've got a few questions, and there will probably be a number of misconceptions, but I figure they'll clarify what I exactly don't understand. I think a lot of the...