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    Fletcher's Trolley (Hanging Mass Problem)

    Homework Statement A 1.20kg object is placed on a smoothe level table and is attached to a hanging mass using a light string over frictionless pulley in a Fletcher's trolley arrangement. The 1.20kg object accelerates along the table at 2.31m/s^2 while the hanging object accelerates down at...
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    Basic dynamics/acceleration question

    Homework Statement A 1000kg car is travelling at 27.0 m/s. Determine the force required to stop it in 70.0 m. The Attempt at a Solution I attempted to treat this question as if I knew how many seconds it took to stop, and did this: 70.0m / 27.0m/s = 2.59259s 2.59259s / 27.0m/s = 0.096...